Muskaan is a story of collective will, determination and unwavering optimism. It was started
in 1982 by parents and professionals filling up a void in required services and facilities for
children and adults with intellectual disability (ID) and their families. Relentless hard work,
honest intentions and clarity of focus steered the growth of Muskaan. The team had only
one mission and that is creating growth opportunities and required services to enrich the
lives of persons with ID. We knew that in order to live a fuller and dignified life, intellectually
challenged children and adults needed education, vocational skills, employment and other
growth opportunities. However, how to do it had been an immense challenge. Every step
that we took in this direction taught us about its pragmatics. Small achievements on the way
kept strengthening our optimism and courage.

Today’s Muskaan is well known for its pioneering work in the field of providing vocational
training and work opportunities to adults with ID. It has emerged as an effective
rehabilitation model both nationally and internationally. Parents and professionals from
national and international organizations including Europe, USA, Canada, Australia,
Mauritius, China, Japan and Afghanistan have visited Muskaan over past few years and
appreciated its unique training & employment model for adults with ID. Our experience of
working with boys and girls has been very encouraging and has proved that given
opportunities, they can learn many skills and become much more self-reliant and
productive. They have immense potential for learning and growth provided they get
appropriate education, learning environment and nurturance of their social-emotional
needs like everyone else. It is largely due to lack of proper training and not their disability,
which forces them to live an impoverished life. People with disability are real heroes
because they constantly negotiate with situations which have been designed keeping in
mind the majority needs and not the needs of persons with disability.

Our Vision

A society that recognizes human diversity and respects the rights of all people irrespective of their abilities.

Our Mission

Advocate for the rights and legal capacity of the intellectually disabled people. Collaborate and facilitate creation of an enabling environment and an inclusive society.


Muskaan is an NGO set up in 1982 under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860. The management and administrative systems finalized over the years include admission policy, HR policies, financial policies, administrative structure and systems.